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4 Characteristics To Look For Before Buying Your Baby's First Shoes

4 Characteristics to Look for Before Buying Baby's First Shoes

22 Aug 2023

Child's first step can be one of the most memorable moments of their lives and we want our little ones to enjoy the very first step they take on their own. With many baby shoes on the market right now, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Here's a look at the factors you should consider before purchasing. 

Baby First Shoes

When do babies start to walk?

By the age of 7 to 12 months, babies usually start to crawl. At 9 to 12 months they may be able to pull themselves up to sit and stand position. Sometimes between 10 and 18 months old, babies usually start walking. Many babies' first steps are taken around their first birthday, although it's normal for children to start walking earlier or later.

Each child is unique and will move through the development stages at their own pace. At first, your child will walk with feet wide apart to improve her wobbly balance. During those initial days and weeks, she may get going too fast and fall when she tries to stop. As she becomes more confident, she'll learn how to stop and change directions. Before long, she'll be able to squat, pick something up, and stand again.

When to buy baby’s first pair of shoes

The Australian Podiatry Association suggests that children who are learning to walk go barefoot as much as possible when they are at home or in an indoor area and only wear very soft shoes to help the foot develop and assist in strengthening muscles. Shoes are needed as your child begins to walk outside to protect their little feet from hazards like sharp rocks and hot pavements. 

What to look for in your baby's first walkers

When your baby is just starting to walk, it’s natural to want to buy them the most adorable shoes around. But while they might look cute, they may not be the best choice for their development.

There’s a lot of development taking place as a child spends more time on their feet. Around this growth period, their feet soft cartilage will transform into bone and bony tissue. So as they grow older, it’s important that their feet are given the freedom to develop naturally. Here are some things to look for when you are in the lookout for pre-walker and first walker shoes:

  1. It's important that they're lightweight and flexible. Moccasin style shoes are the best option. You want them to be able to move their feet freely at this stage of development: it'll help them develop better balance and coordination, and it'll also give them the feeling of walking on bare feet. This is because babies need to feel the ground beneath them as they learn how to walk—and if they can't do that, they won't be able to get the feedback they need from their feet.
  2. Look for shoes with soft soles that provide grip and protection wherever your child's adventure takes them but are also soft enough for muscle growth.
  3. Make sure these shoes are the right size in length and width—babies' feet grow rapidly! It's recommended that parents check their shoe size regularly so that their little feet aren't wearing too-small first walkers for too long.
  4. Finally—and this one should go without saying—choose materials that are easy to clean: toddlers get very messy!

What makes Muunjoo sock shoes the best first walker shoes?

First walkers are on the move, and they need shoes that can keep up. Comes in a range of adorable designs and colors, Muunjoo sock shoes are podiatrist recommended for the healthy development of your baby's feet. They're designed to mimic barefoot walking and provide the right support for natural foot growth perfect for a child who is just learning to walk.

We designed our shoes from super flexible, lightweight, anti-slip rubber and stretchy fabric that provides ultimate comfort for tiny toes. They're slip-ons—perfect for busy parents or carers who don't have time for velcros or straps. And they're also easy for little ones to get on by themselves—so there's no struggling or frustration involved when trying them on for the first time.

Muunjoo shoes are also super easy to clean—just throw them in the washing machine and they'll come out as new again!

Wherever and whatever adventures await for your little one, Muunjoo sock shoes are the perfect healthy companion to support their little feet.

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